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Purple Cane Tea Restaurant, Gardens Mid Valley (KL)

7 Nov

Yesterday, we had one of the most relaxing Saturday ever. We stayed at home, napping and surfing the net. May sound life-less but well, nothing beats chilling in our own crib.

Then the evening came, so we decided to check out the PC expo in Mid Valley, thinking of checking out some IT stuff, i.e. external hard drives, back pack and etc. In the end, we came out emptied handed.

Well, not wasting the journey there, we took a stroll, window shopping. We took our time, as ‘again’  it’s a supposed to be a relaxing Saturday, whereby we are supposed to take it easy and not chasing time for movie session.

Then the light breakfast we took earlier in the day, took it’s toll. Our stomach growled, showing signs it’s Dinner time. So we arrived at the Purple Cane Tea. Don’t be deceived by it’s name, as many would already did, the Purple Cane Tea is indeed a tea selling outlet, however, they have recently ventured to serving tea influenced dishes as a restaurant. And that’s we were.

In total, we ordered 3 dishes and 2 soups. And that’s not really a lot, considering their servings are very ‘oriental’. Btw, the bill came up less than RM60 for the meal after some discount. Hence, make sure you ask for there could be any promotions or discounts going on the next time you go down there.

Map Location:
Lot LG 206, Lower Ground,
The Gardens Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: 03-2283 6090

1. Green Tea Rice

2. Vege 4 in 1

3. Anchovies Egg

4. Prawn Salad in Green Tea

5. Soups

i. Lotus Root soup

ii. Kutzu Root soup

6. Ice Lemon Oolong Tea

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