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Winnie’s Almond Cookies for CNY

18 Jan

Last weekend, I spent my entire day in baking cookies for Chinese New Year (CNY) which is around the corner. Well, I came across a magazine which contains of a recipe to make “Hazelnut drop cookies”, and so I thought I’ll give it a try. Then, I thought probably I can even improvise the recipe to “Winnie’s Almond Cookies” which melts in your mouth. haha.. I always like my cookies to be less sweet..

Say if you are interested to try it out yourself at home. Here, let me share with you my recipe to make some “Winnie’s Almond Cookies”.

1 cup       Flour
1/2 cup  Corn Flour
1/4 cup  Icing sugar
1/2 cup  Ground/Chopped Almond
175g        Butter, soft at room temperature


1. Use an electric hand mixer to cream butter, sugar and flours (flour and corn flour) for 5 mins or until light and fluffy.

2. Fold in almonds until well-combined. Chill dough in fridge, covered, for 4 hours.

3. Preheat oven at 180°c. Meanwhile, flatten the dough about 2cm using cling wrapper and hand palm pressure, it is easier to shape the dough as you like.

4. Place the shape of the cookies on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Bake for 15mins till it turns into golden brown.

5. Allow the cookies to cool down before you keep it into container. It is advisable to cut two-pieces of baking paper same shape as your container, to place one at the bottom and one on top.

Hope you enjoy it..

Winnie’s Heart Melting Omelette Egg

19 Nov

Doesn’t you just love it, preparing some hearty meal be it for breakfast or dinner? Something simply and with a tantalizing taste of satisfaction.

Yes, I do and I love the preparation and the cooking. Here in this case, some heart melting omelettes which I love eating. Simplicity at its best.

Here’s how “Winnie’s Heart Melting Omelette Egg” is done:

2 eggs
6 cherry tomatoes, diced
1 onion
1 sausage/bacon/ham, diced
4 shiitake mushroom, sliced
1/4 cup Milk
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp mixed herbs
2 Tbsp Butter
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
Mozzarella cheese
A pinch of Salt

a.  Beat eggs with milk in small bowl with fork until all are well mixed. Add in the seasoning: salt, black pepper and mixed herbs. Stir well.

b. Heat butter and olive oil over medium-high heat until the combination is hot. Then, sauté the onion, tomatoes, sausages and shiitake mushroom.

c. Quickly pour eggs into skillet. While rapidly sliding skillet back and forth over heat, quickly stir eggs to spread them continuously over the bottom of the skillet as its get thicken. When they are thickened, let stand over heat a few seconds to lightly brown bottom of omelette. Do not overcook… the omelet will continue to cook after being folded. Sprinkle with cheese.

d. Tilt skillet and run a spatula under edge of omelette, then jerk skillet sharply to loosen omelette from bottom of skillet. Fold portion of omelette nearest you just to center. Allow for a portion of the omelette to slide up side of skillet. Turn omelet onto warm plate, flipping folded portion of omelette over so far side is on bottom. Tuck sides of omelette under if desired. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and additional cheese if desired.

Winnie’s Lemony Herbs Baked Chicken with Vegetables

15 Nov

Lately, I was bored with regular rice with dishes. Hence, I went and check to ingredients made available in my refrigerator, thinking probably I can make something western for dinner instead. So, I found some chicken meat, lemon and dry herbs. So I came up with something tasty, flavour filled and yet, it spices up your senses  gradually. The taste? Well, it’s spicy, sour, sweet, salty…AND It’s yummy and healthy..

Now, let me share you, my very own ‘Winnie’s Baked Lemony Herbs Chicken with Vegetables’ recipe:


Part A – Seasoning: Mix the dry herbs all together in a bottle, shake it and spread it in a casserole dish
(You can put any herbs or spices available in your kitchen)
1 tsp Whole Rosemary
1 tsp Mixed Herbs
1 tsp Chili Flakes
1 tsp Black Pepper
1 tsp Parsley
1 tsp Pepper
1/2 tsp Salt

Part B – Seasoning: Mix all saucy seasoning together and apply it on the chicken.
1 Tbsp Tabasco sauce (Optional, if you like hot & spicy)
1 Tbsp Heinz Mustard Sauce
1 Tbsp Black Pepper Sauce

Part C:
2 whole chicken thighs; cut in big pieces, remove excess fat, wipe dry with kitchen tissue
1 Lemon, squeeze lemon juice into the casserole dish
1/4 cup Red Wine
10 Cherry Tomatoes, cut “X”
1 Carrot, sliced
1 Medium-sized Onion, diced
12 cloves Garlic, cut halve
Aluminium Foil

(Illustration above for method number 2)

1. Preheat the oven at temperature of 180°C.
2. First, spread the part A seasoning into casserole dish.
3. Then, place the chicken into the casserole dish and make sure the seasoning is covered with the chicken. Next, put together the tomatoes, carrot, onion, garlic all around the chicken.
4. Brush the part B seasoning onto the chicken.
5. Pour in the squeezed lemon juice and red wine to cover half of the chicken
6. Cover the casserole dish with aluminium foil and cook in the oven for 1 hour.
7. Uncover and cook for a further 20 minutes to brown the chicken.
8. Serve with baked potatoes.
Freestyle: You may served with mashed potatoes, pasta, rice.

Place the potatoes into the zipper bag and mix with the seasoning & baked it for 20mins. (Ingredients: Olive oil, 1 tsp Flour, Cajun spices, Parsley, Salt and Black Pepper)

Note: This recipe serves 2 pax.

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