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Simple, yet delicious Pita Pizza

6 Oct

One day, I received a text message about a Lifestyle Exhibition, Epicure 2010. I was curious, so I told my hubby to ‘Let’s go check it out’.

When we arrived, there were counters selling items from personalized gift, kitchenware, wines, chocolates to hotel memberships and etc. But there were two counters that primarily caught our attention, one being the Mini Cooper bicycles and another counter that sell all types of cheese and gourmet products. We tasted one of the samples; sliced cheese melts on toasted pita bread. The taste, texture and combination were perfect. Then, I asked if they have fat free cheese. The sales person then presents us a pack which is close to fat free. Hence, out of curiosity, we bought the pack of cheese and a pack of whole meal pita bread.

Do place them it into the refrigerator if you don’t plan to eat them soon. And so we did. A week later, I realized the whole meal pita bread is expiring soon. Hence, the next day, I’ve decided to make some Pita Pizzas for our brunch. It’s simple, believe me. Simply check your refrigerator, for what are the ingredients that are available to mix and match onto Pita Pizza.

Let me share with you, my very own Winnie’s Pita Pizza recipe:

Wholemeal Pita Bread
Cherry tomatoes
Bacon chips

Seasoning (is freestyle, up to your preference) : Barbecue sauce, Tomato sauce (Heinz), Mayonnaise, Black pepper, etc.

1. Preheat oven of the temperature 150°C – 180°C
2. Place all the ingredients onto each Pita Pizza and put it into oven for 15mins. Check it from time to time, to make sure you don’t burn your Pita Pizza.


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