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Lotus Root Noodle Soup

21 Mar

We came across a rather interesting organic noodle, when we were doing our weekend grocery shopping, which is the Lotus Root Noodle. It comes in 4 square flat blocks of noodles, which could look deceiving, as it is probably enough to feed 3 person. Lotus root soup yes, but noodles, this is rather new. Hence the curious me decided that we shall be cooking noodle this week.

How do I prepared it? Noodle soup, of course. Serving it with a clear soup broth and garnish it with my favorite dishes. That’s how.

It does looked delicious doesn’t it? In fact, I am really happy with how the noodle suited the noodle soup really well. It’s so YUMMY! LOL!

Here’s the combination, my recipes are as below:

Soup ingredients:

1/2 cup  dry anchovies, wash and rinse
1 carrot, peeled and slice
1/4 size  yellow onion
1/4 cup  china salted vegetable (tung choy)


1. Drop the anchovies into a medium sized pot which can cater soup for 2-3 person. Fry in medium-low fire for about 5mins, allowing the anchovies to dry-up before adding in one tablespoon of vegetable oil.
2. Add in some salted vegetable, followed by 2 bowls of water, and add in the remaining ingredients, then allow it to boil in high fire.
3. Once it is boiled, set fire to low heat, continue to allow it to boil for about 30mins. Lastly, add in some salt and pepper to moderate the taste.


Noodles and Other ingredients:

3 square flat blocks,  Lotus Root noodle
1 pack  Enoki mushroom, cut the stalks and clean them
1/2 pack  Organic Choy Sum, cut the stalks and clean them
3 pieces of pork roll with beancurd skin/ngor hiong, clean them  and leave dry
8 slices beancurd skin/fu chuk, clean and rinse


1. Add water into a pot and bring it to boil, then add in some salt and one teaspoon of vegetable oil.
2. Cook the noodles for about 3-5mins then move to noodles into cold water.
3. Continue to cook vegetables, mushroom then place them aside.
4. Clean the  pot.
5. Then, prepare a pan with medium fire to reheat the pork roll/ngor hiong without using oil for about 10-15mins, make sure you turn it from time-to-time to avoid burn.

1. Remove the noodles from cold water and place them into some nice bowls.
2. Place the ingredients in according to your liking. If you refer to my garnishing, I have place beancurd skin, choy sum, pork roll and mushroom.

To serve, add in the hot boiling broth/soup into the individual bowl which you have garnish earlier. And not to forget the Malaysian favorite, chili padi with soy sauce to serve along. 🙂 LOL! If you ask my hubby about this, he will totally agree with it. hahaha! Enjoy, the yummy noodle.

Note: If you do not have some of the ingredients above, feel free to change according to your liking. All my recipes are flexible in style. 🙂

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