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Garrett Popcorn Shop, Cityhall Singapore (SG)

28 Apr


Popcorn lovers, does the name Garrett Popcorn ringed a bell? As for me, I have not heard about it before, not till my recent two weeks business trip to Singapore. Apart from work, during the weekend, I had explored few locations in Singapore and I’d noticed many people holding a similar attractive looking nice paper bag. Then as I was walking around, an advertisement caught my attention, it says “One of Oprah’s Favorite Things” which is turns out, it’s Garrett Popcorn. The curious me, started wondering, what is so special about it.



Hence, I joined the queue and gotten a bag of popcorn myself. It was a small pack of “Chigaco Mix” (Caramel and Cheese, as you seen in one the photo below) which costs me SGD8. Since I like corns, I don’t mind trying it out. Frankly speaking, I crave for popcorns sometimes, especially during movie weekends with my hubby, but those were the ‘regular’ ones  from GSC (Golden Screen Cinemas)’s concession stands which at times,  they could taste a little over-cooked and the caramel turned out bitter.

But as for Garrett Popcorn, it’s exceptional, it’s phenomenal. The Caramel Popcorn is awesome, minus the fact that the Cheesy Popcorn is super fattening. LOL! I’ve also noticed the popcorn scales slightly bigger than the usual. Below, I’d captured some nice pictures of the Garrett Popcorn packaging. OMG~ I am craving for them already. LOL!

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