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Food Foundry, Section 17 (PJ)

23 Nov

One fine day, my colleague had to go and collect some things near Section 17, PJ. Thereby, being lunch time, we conveniently thought doing lunch at this place, The Food Foundry, which is located at Section 17, PJ. The cafe is surrounded by the low cost high rise flat/apartments; in fact it’s right below some.

It’s my second time there, while some of us didn’t even know of it’s existence. Well, I find the place cosy and relaxingly laid back. By the way, most patrons came for their cakes, which is one of their specialties. Personally, I’ve tried the “Chocolate Dreams”, great choice for those who loves having some peanut butter spread over a chocolate cake. Well if you are, go try it out; contrary to most cakes sold elsewhere, theirs isn’t really sweet, in fact just nice. A friend who tried the “Vanilla Mille Crepe” cake claimed it is nice too. Maybe, I should try it the next time.

Map Location:
BG-8, Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13
Petaling Jaya

Contact: 03 – 7955 3885
(Open from 10.30 am to 9 pm from Mondays to Fridays, Open from 9 am to 11pm on Saturday and Sunday)
Refer below are the food that you must “TRY”:

1. Meatball Spaghetti, RM16.00

2. Carbonara Spaghetti, RM17.00

3. Chocolate Dream Cake, RM10.00 per slice.

4. Vanilla Mille Crepe Cake & Chocolate Mille Crepe Cake, RM9.00 per slice.

Shimino Japanese Crepes, 1Utama Shopping Center (PJ)

18 Nov

Well our weekend routines, usually includes a movie, and last weekend, we were at 1Utama Shopping Center, to catch the movie ‘You Again’. Well if you have to ask, the movie has quite some humour, and rather touching at some parts, minus the draggy storyline. Anyway, the movie was a good 2 hours for us at the cinema.

As we were leaving, the vicinity of the cinema, a new dessert shop caught our attention. Located at the same floor as the GSC cinema, there is this new dessert place/booth, named Shimino Japanese Crepes. So, we checked it out and here’s some review.

Does the name amazes you?? I took some pictures. I would say it is something special, for a dessert place to hanged out. Can you imagine, a crepe contains of a slice of chocolate cake, few slices of bananas and some chocolate whipped cream? Or even you can add a scoop of ice cream in it? hehe.. cool right.. check it out.. 🙂

Shimino Japanese Crepes booth

There’s various flavours of Crepes to choose from: The following was the Chocolate cake, Banana with Chocolate Whipped Cream Topping that we tried. And I must say, it’s pretty good. 😀

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