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Interesting Facts: Euro Coins

3 Oct

Something, interesting has recently caught my attention!

A friend who went Rome was told bring some Euro coins back to Malaysia. Specifically, she was requested to get 8 pieces of 50 cents and 5 pieces of 20 cents coins. Coin collector’s request? Nope.. Not really.

Euro coins made from some rare ingredient / composite can be made  into a jewelries or accessories, i.e. ring. But why? The uniqueness which I’ve been told, was some composite material used in making the euro coins that <benefit>. Out of curiosity, I made a search about them.

Hence, I’ve found that the 50 cents Euro, 20 cents Euro10 cents Euro and 10 kronors (Swedish coins) are composed of an alloy called nordic gold. It is not exactly gold, in fact, its a composition by 89% copper, 5% aluminium, 5% zinc, and 1% tin.

Besides this, another specialty of this Euro coins are the edges of the coins. Nicely designed, as well. Good to know isn’t it. 🙂

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